Since its inception in 1949 the Fund for the Arts has been an umbrella foundation in support of the Arts. The Fund’s impact has been most felt through the provision of financial support and by serving as a connector in order to achieve a vibrancy of community, positive economic impact as well as education for the younger members of our community. The Louisville Orchestra, as an important Cultural Partner of the Fund, has been a significant beneficiary of the generosity of our many supporters. The Fund has stayed grounded in its mission for over sixty years and will continue to do so.

As it relates to orchestral music the Fund for the Arts remains committed to three things. One: high quality orchestral performances for our community. Two: educational initiatives for our school children. Three: making available affordable live orchestral music for our Performing Cultural Partners namely the Kentucky Opera and the Louisville Ballet.

We have been very clear about our disappointment regarding the ongoing impasse between the Louisville Orchestra and its Musicians. As you know, the Fund for the Arts staff and Board have worked countless hours behind the scenes to connect and positively influence both sides, encouraging the achievement of a mutually beneficial agreement. Our hope remains that you will come back together and forge a new future; a future that will help provide arts-enriching musical experiences for our Community and most importantly our Youth.

Unfortunately it has become increasingly apparent to us that until the Louisville Orchestra Board, Management and the Louisville Orchestra Musicians enter into mutually agreeable binding negotiations there is nothing more the Fund for the Arts can do to alleviate your current standoff. We will of course continue to remain a positive influence in the Community in seeking arts-enriching musical experiences for the Commonwealth and our Youth.


Dave Calzi
Fund for the Arts Board Chair

Barbara Sexton Smith
Fund for the Arts President

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