Chris Hermann, Barbara Sexton Smith, Craig Kaviar

We had a fantastic power2give launch at Kaviar Forge & Gallery! Craig Kaviar hosted a wonderful reception, and we had fabulous Fund for the Arts investors, NeXt! members, and arts there to support FFTA, power2give and Kaviar Forge. The 35+ folks that attended were amazed by the art from local artists. Our board chair even bought 3 Christmas gifts for his family while there!

Craig Kaviar welcomed everyone and spoke eloquently of his passion for the Arts and excitement about power2give. Barbara Sexton Smith shared her excitement about the site and how it came to be in our community. Chris Hermann brought glad tidings from power2give matching funds sponsor LG&E and KU, and Dave Calzi, Fund for the Arts Board Chair, shared his personal experiences with the arts. Craig generously donated 15% of all proceeds from the evening to Fund for the Arts, and even had a live demonstration of his art! Craig spoke eloquently of his passion for the Arts and excitement about power2give.

Several NeXt! members attended and while they were aware of power2give, the hands on introduction to the site intrigued them. Taylor Sorrels had several “aha” moments as I walked him through some of the site. He was excited about the projects. Sarah Shanks, Steven Sandman, Laura Schiller, and Shannon Kisselbaugh from NeXt! attended as well.

Craig Kaviar and his staff (Megan) were excellent hosts serving wine and hot apple cider.

Guests pledged gifts to power2give on laptops available in the gallery. All in all, our guests were very excited about the launch of power2give, and we can’t wait to see what it does for our community!

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