HeARTS is an arts initiative supported by Louisville Metro Government that will provide arts programs in community centers and public places across the city and county. HeARTS is an investment in arts as a powerful and transformational tool for healing, building trust, and community cohesion. Post-pandemic, participation in arts reduces isolation and rebuilds community networks. In the midst of an epidemic of violence and community suffering stemming from the public health crises of racism and poverty, arts are a vital strategy in a community’s fostering of empathy, conflict resolution, and positive mental health. 

Teaching artists and/or arts organizations engaged in HeARTS will participate in HeARTS-related programming throughout the period of Winter 2022 through Summer 2023. 

What is the goal of HeARTS?

The goal of HeARTS is to provide multigenerational, multidisciplinary arts programming in accessible neighborhood spaces during out-of-school time in the Spring. HeARTS will invest in and provide trauma-informed care skills training and space for teaching artists and arts organizations to lead meaningful engagement over a year-long program. HeARTS will also invest in summer arts projects with paid stipends for community participants.

Who should apply for this opportunity?

Eligibility is based on the following criteria. The teaching artist and/or arts organization:

  • Has an interest in engaging community members.
  • Has experience with, or willingness to collaborate with community members.
  • Has a primary place of business or residence in Greater Louisville,
  • Provides arts programming that aligns with at least one of the following artistic areas:
  • Artistic communities, arts education, dance, design, folk & traditional arts, literary arts, media arts, arts museums, music, musical theater, opera, presenting and multidisciplinary works, theater, visual arts.
  • Provides a staff member or primary contact person to ensure consistent delivery of programs and communication.
  • Has experience with providing arts programming and/or skilled, trained teaching artists with experience.
  • Please note some community partners may require liability insurance coverage of no less than $1,000,000.
  • Complete background checks on all teaching artists prior to on-site programs (click here for more information).
  • Artists and organizations selected for the directory will be able to provide programs for 2022-2023 and will commit to the program duration required by the community partner.

How do I/we apply? 

In order to apply for HeARTS, you must apply to the Fund for the Arts Greater Louisville Teaching Artists and Organizations Directory. The application to the Greater Louisville Teaching Artists and Organizations Directory will also serve as your application for HeARTS. All applications must be submitted online through the Fund for the Arts Online Grant Portal.

If you have questions about accessibility or need assistance submitting your program to the directory, please contact grants@fundforthearts.org.



Please note: As part of your application, you must submit two letters of reference from community partners that your organization has served in the last two years.

What is the deadline to apply? 

All applications to the Greater Louisville Teaching Artists and Organizations Directory must be submitted by 11:59pm EST, Friday, November 18, 2022 to be considered for HeARTS. Please note, this deadline is for HeARTS – not the directory itself.

What is expected of me or my organization if our application is approved? 

  • Teaching artists and/or arts organizations selected for HeARTS must:
  • Sign a participation agreement
  • Attend a series of learning opportunities for HeARTS instructors (TBA)
  • Work with community center staff to establish a schedule and timeline of programming
  • Keep Fund for the Arts notified of any changes in the program or organization contacts
  • Conduct business in a professional manner during all programs
  • Demonstrate a plan for backup or substitute teaching artists in the event of illness or other absence during scheduled programs
  • Acknowledge the Fund for the Arts in published materials and announcement pertaining to programs funded by Fund for the Arts
  • Receive a favorable rating on any community partner post-program evaluation
  • Maintain all required background checks for teaching artists (click here for more information)

Application includes: 

  • Contact information-email, phone, address, website (who we contact to book/schedule)
  • Background information-mission or artistic statement, artistic discipline
  • Arts Programming Overview:
    • brief bio of your arts programming staff,
    • brief description of the arts programming you provide,
    • description of the artistic and educational content of your programming,
    • your process for hiring, training, and evaluating teaching artists and their performance/effectivness,
    • how you ensure inclusion of participants of all backgrounds and abilities in your programming
    • how you engage teachers and community center staff before, during, and after programming, and
    • how you engage participants in the creative and learning process.
  • Program Format-length of residencies and availability.
  • Content and Objectives-population(s) served, subject matters explored.
  • Capacity-number of students served.
  • Work samples-two samples of your teaching.
  • Two Letters of Reference.
  • Up to two additional documents (optional) that demonstrate your organization’s expertise in providing arts programming.
Application Deadline  11:59pm EST, Monday, November 18, 2022 
Age of participants    Programs for all ages   
Program duration    Fall 2022 – Winter 2023   

  • A cohort of teaching artists and arts organizations will participate in learning opportunities and exchange of ideas with Louisville Metro Government agencies and mental health professionals   
  • Stipend $2,500 for participating arts organizations and teaching artists   

Spring 2023   

  • Teaching artists and/or arts organizations will lead arts programs in up to 20 community centers across Louisville/Jefferson County   
  • Community centers will select one program per site (teaching artist and/or arts organization will engage with one community center for the spring 2023)   
  • Stipend $15,000, plus funding for supplies and snacks/meals, for teaching artists and/or arts organizations leading programs and developing summer projects   


Summer 2023   

  • Each program and community center will host a culminating project at the conclusion of the spring program, led by community members and participants working together with arts organizations and teaching artists   
  • Budget $10,000 for project implementation, plus funding to pay community participants    
Pay rate    See “Program Duration” above, for information about stipends and budgets   
How many program spaces are available?    Anticipating 20 opportunities for teaching artists and/or arts organizations for Winter 2022 – summer 2023   
How can I learn more?    We will be hosting 2 virtual informational/Q&A sessions via Zoom. Join us on Thursday, November 3rd from 7pm-8pm and again on Thursday, November 10th from 7pm-8pm. 





Contact the Fund for the Arts Community Investment team at grants@fundforthearts.org.

Click on the image to watch a HeARTS info session from November 11, 2022.

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