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When we made our schedule for this year, we had an arrangement in place with the area YMCAs to bring kids during spring break to see Lyle the Crocodile. Unfortunately, that fell through so we were left with a hole in our schedule. We made the decision to make two performances available to the public this week at no cost, courtesy of Stage One, Yum Brands and the Fund. We had a nice crowd Tuesday and another couple of hundred for the show at 10a Today.  I thought you would appreciate the note we received after the performance. Thanks as always for your support!

Peter Holloway
Stage One Family Theatre

We saw Lyle the Crocodile at Stage One and we all enjoyed it a lot! The actors were great and very into their characters and the story line itself was humorous and enjoyable. I’m really glad we went to see it! My personal favorite part was the end with the whole fire fiasco at Mr. Grims and not being able to yell fire in a theater, ending up yelling “special effects”, it was great!



Please pass this message on to whomever is responsible for making productions like this available for free.

My children (ages 7-14) and I thoroughly enjoyed the Lyle production this morning! It was superbly done and captivated our attention the entire time. They were doing the Lyle dance this afternoon! I appreciate so much your generosity in making this available to us for free during spring break. Cultural events such as this are so enriching and are something that I want my children to be exposed to, but because of the financial constraints that we are under, it is simply not possible. Being able to take them to this will probably be the highlight of spring break for me because I was able to present to them something out of our usual repetoire. Thank you so very very much!



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