Gheens Foundation Makes Grant to Secure Achievement of Goal

The Fund for the Arts has announced that it reached its fundraising goal of $7.35 million in the final days of the 2011 campaign drive.  In addition to a previous grant of $100,000 to the Fund for the Arts 2011 campaign, The Gheens Foundation made an additional one-time committment of support that may reach a maximum of $130,000 making their total support of this campaign as much as $230,000.  This additional committment puts The Gheens Foundation among the top 6 contributors to the 2011 Campaign.   The final grant amount will be contingent upon the difference between total campaign pledges/funds secured to date and the amount necessary for the Fund to achieve its goal.

The board of directors of the Gheens Foundation made the additional grant for two reasons, citing the Fund’s extraordinary year and the importance of reaching the Fund’s goal to maintain base funding levels for its member groups. The Gheens board also emphasized the importance of supporting Fund for the Arts acting president and director, Barbara Sexton Smith.

“This is an exciting day for both the Fund for the Arts and for Louisville,” said acting president and director Barbara Sexton Smith. “This means we are able to move forward and help support member groups as we have in the past, proving that we can and will overcome obstacles to keep Louisville’s thriving arts tradition alive and strong.”

The Fund for the Arts annual fundraising campaign ended officially on June 30. Official fundraising amounts and member group allocations will be subjected to a standard annual audit taking place in mid-July.

“This has been extraordinary year for the Fund,” said Carl Thomas, president of the Gheens Foundation. “We are pleased to support the Fund for the Arts in this way, and further our contribution to the quality of life for all citizens of Louisville.”

About the Fund for the Arts:

The Fund for the Arts is the oldest united arts fund in the country and has raised over $157 million since its establishment in 1949. Today the Fund provides financing, facilities and administrative support for twenty-eight  area arts groups and programs. In addition, over 200 community access grants are awarded annually to community groups and schools in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Other Fund sponsored activities include the annual Whittenberg Young Artist Scholarship. For more information, visit .

About The Gheens Foundation:

The mission of the Gheens Foundation is to improve the quality of life for all citizens and institutions of Metropolitan Louisville by creative grant making and philanthropic leadership to meet the present and emerging need of the community. In addition to creative grant making and philanthropic leadership, the organization also provides professional management of foundation assets and supportive organizational structure. For more information, visit

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