Fund for the Arts is excited to be the first united arts fund in the Compassionate Cities movement! Attached is a passed resolution by the Board of Directors declaring the Fund for the Arts to be compassionate!

Sponsored by:  Barbara Sexton Smith, Acting President & CEO

WHEREAS, Mayor Greg Fischer has made compassion one of the three foundational pillars of his administration; and

WHEREAS, Louisville is a quintessential “heartland America” city — neither north, south, nor coastal, and located close to the mean center of the United States population; and,

WHEREAS, Louisville contains a diverse spectrum of religious, political, and ethnic groups embodying the best of American values; and,

WHEREAS, on November 11, 2011, the Mayor signed a Resolution adopted by the Louisville Metro Council declaring Louisville a Compassionate City and embarking on a 10 year-campaign to live into that pledge.  The mission for the Partnership of a Compassionate Louisville is to champion and support Louisville becoming a Model Compassionate City as designated by the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities.

WHEREAS, the Fund for the Arts prides itself on being relevant, innovative and evolutionary in our community; and

WHEREAS, the arts are central to our common humanity and are a clear and luminous force in our polarized world; and

WHEREAS, the Fund for the Arts embodies compassion by helping more than 400,000 school children throughout the Commonwealth have an arts experience; and

WHEREAS, the Fund for the Arts has created an online cultural marketplace for donors through, where any 501(c)3 in Kentucky and Southern Indiana can receive funding for projects, and be matched dollar for dollar; and

WHEREAS, the Fund for the Arts has the opportunity to be the first united arts fund to become a participant in the Compassionate Cities project, in which Louisville may be named the model city; and

WHEREAS, this Resolution has been reviewed and approved by the International Institute for Compassionate Cities.

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Fund for the Arts as follows:

SECTION I:  THAT the Fund for the Arts resolves to become a member of the Compassionate Cities movement by becoming the first united arts fund;

SECTION II:  THAT the Fund for the Arts will work with the Partnership for a Compassionate Louisville and other groups in meeting this common mission;

SECTION III:  THAT the Fund for the Arts help use the arts to teach compassion and use compassion to open the community to the arts;

SECTION IV:  THAT the Fund for the Arts agrees to support the city of Louisville in its effort to become the most Compassionate City in America;

SECTION V:  THAT all Board Members and Fund for the Arts staff will embrace the principles of the charter and strive to live and act more compassionately; and

SECTION VI:  THAT this resolution will take affect upon passage by the full Board.

Model City for Compassion Louisville group in Seattle, Washington with Mayor Greg Fischer & Barbara Sexton Smith.

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