About Fran Huettig Public Art Series

Established in 2016 and the result of a partnership between Fund for the Arts, 1619 Flux Art + Activism and Louisville Metro Government Public Art, the Fran Huettig Public Art Series encompasses a five-year series of annually commissioned artwork exhibited in spaces accessible to the public. Braylyn Stewart was the first artist selected and has created three murals to launch the series at 18th & Muhammad Ali, Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, and now Louisville Recovery. The second artist selected, Bryan Holden, debuted his work located at the Russell Apartments-New Directions Housing Corporation. Holden is currently working with the Russell neighborhood on a second collaborative project.

Braylyn Stewart Murals

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Bryan Holden Murals

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In addition to bringing publicly accessible artwork to the Greater Louisville community, the series also honors the memory of Fran Huettig, a beloved employee of The Fund from 1997 until 2007. Fran is remembered for her vivacious spirit and dedication to public art and the mission of increasing access to the arts. She passed away in 2013.

In accordance with the mission set forth in Imagine Greater Louisville 2020, the Fran Huettig Public Art Series, made possible through the Fund for the Arts and Barbara and Kara Nichols of 1619 Flux, brings art and culture to the daily lives of the Louisville community, adding a richness to our city’s urban landscape and celebrating local talent.

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