I have a great story for you today!

I spoke with a woman recently whose kindergarten grandson had been to see “Ferdinand the Bull” with Stage One family Theatre, through his school’s participation in 5 X 5. He had never seen a live production until that performance.

He came home and that evening, called all the family out to the hallway for a “play”.   He had carefully hung a quilt over the second floor banister, so it draped down forming a crude but sufficient curtain.   He then proceeded to tell a somewhat confused but entertaining “Ferdinand story”,  ran around like a “bull”, and finally, clapped and cheered for himself before pulling down the curtain.  Of course his family loved every minute, and asked for an encore.

His grandma is completely convinced of the power of performance, and has promised herself to take him to at least one Stage One production every year.

Stories like this make me fall in love with what I do all over again.

Until next time,

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