If your horse is still coming down the homestretch don’t worry! We’ve got a guaranteed winner just for you. That’s right! Bet on the Fund for the Arts and everyone wins. Just ask Ceasar Williams. As I was getting in my car behind The Brown Theatre yesterday I heard a voice calling, “Art Lady! Hey, Art Lady!” “I used to see you at MSD when you would come out and talk to us about the Fund for the Arts.” Mr. Williams retired from MSD and still remembers getting his Fund for the Arts umbrella every year. Of course, I reached into my car and bestowed upon him this year’s version. See his picture in my slide show below. Happens everywhere I go. I love this job!

And then there are those crazy accountants over at Ernst & Young. Last week Peter Holloway met me at E&Y to sing during our annual employee campaign only to discover his keyboard player did not show up. Never fear! Surely one of these creative accountants can “tickle the ivories.” The show really must go on – Eric Scott to the rescue! I’m not kidding. See the photos below.

After a whirlwind of events, parties and racing last weekend I thought for sure I would get a chance to sit back and relax these next couple of days. As Dan Rivers would say, “Not so fast.” I whipped out my Blackberry around 5:00am this morning only to get excited all over again as I reviewed my schedule.

The race is still on! Take your pick. They’re all winners in my book! Walden Theatre’s Young American Shakespeare Festival runs all weekend: Twelfth Night, Othello, or Antony & Cleopatra. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen kids performing Shakespeare! Click Here for details.

Talk about a majestic evening on the horizon – The Louisville Orchestra’s season Finale-Basel, is Saturday night at the Kentucky Center. This is where Switzerland, Germany and France come 2gether. Just like we do! Or, maybe it’s time to surround yourself with the sheer delight and excitement of hundreds of children as they experience theatre for the first time. Stage One’s final performances of Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business are Saturday at 11:00am and 2:00pm. Click Here for details.

Don’t delete me just yet. Remember to “like” the Fund for the Arts on Facebook and help us reach 1949 friends. When we do – EVERYONE WINS a free ticket to an upcoming Arts event. One lucky person will win two tickets to a local Arts event of his or her choosing. That’s HUGE! And…try following me on Twitter at fftatweets. It’s TOO MUCH FUN! Click Here for photos of the week.

Remember, 2gether through the Arts we create a great American city!

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