Both Walden Theatre and Actors Theatre spent the morning at Westport Middle School as part of the Engage Through Art program. Walden Theatre is working with Mr. Drake’s 6th grade science class who are studying astronomy. Hallie and Melinda led the group in discussion and activities focused on gravity, mass, and orbits.

Actors Theatre has been working in the 7th grade English Language Arts classes on monologues vs. dialogues with each student creating his/her own dialogue. They open each session with a theatre game – Whoosh, Whoa and Zap!

Even though the topics and grade levels were different, both Walden and Actors were engaging the students in discussion and kinesthetic learning to make the concepts easier to understand. The was a noticeable change from the start of the sessions to the end of the hour with students going from quiet and reserved to wanting to share their thoughts and opinions.

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