JCPS Elev8 Student Learning Centers

Elev8 Student Learning Centers, a JCPS after-school program, is a unique opportunity for students that offers academic instruction, targeted tutoring, college and career support, and a variety of enrichment opportunities to make learning fun and engaging. The mission of Elev8 is to prioritize academic success and create strong ties among families, students, schools, and communities. Elev8 addresses systemic barriers that limit opportunities for students, often based on race and class, ensuring fair access to support that will prepare them for future success. The first Elev8 Student Learning Center to open is located at 2500 W Broadway in Louisville, Kentucky. 

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Age of participants  Students in groups by elementary, middle, and high school grade level 
Program duration  4-8-week sessions throughout the academic year, 10 teaching hours per week, 4:30-6:30 pm, Monday – Friday 
Pay rate  Approximate $1,000 weekly rate paid to Teaching Artist and/or Arts Organization for planning and teaching time, program supplies, and travel 
How many program spaces are available?  Anticipating 2 Teaching Artist and/or Arts Organization contracts per session
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