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Louisville Orchestra

Festival of American Music II

Saturday, March 14th 8pm

Location: The Kentucky Center, 501 W Main St | Get Directions
Ages:  All ages
Running Time:  110 minutes

The Louisville Orchestra is delighted to announce that 9-time Grammy award winning singer, songwriter and pianist NORAH JONES joins a group of Louisville’s finest musicians and vocalists in a world-premiere program of music by composer & saxophonist JACOB DUNCAN.

Teddy Abrams calls this concert, “A response to challenging elements in our society today. I’m blown away by Jacob’s vision.”

The program includes a trilogy of symphonic poems written by Jacob Duncan for orchestra, vocal ensemble and jazz sextet. Duncan’s works, War Prayers, Somnambulist in America, and Being, explore themes of grief — investigating the paradox of our yearning for intimacy and our inclination to abandon one another.

Actors Theatre-Humana Festival Shows

Are You There?

Sunday, April 12th 12 pm

Bingham Theatre

Run Time: 65 minutes

From the cacophony of telephone party lines, to CB radios on lonely highways, to the glory days of online chat rooms, technology has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. But is it always for the better? In this collection of boldly original short plays, three writers and this season’s Professional Training Company explore the high-tech evolution of our social interactions. Are our devices getting in the way of quality, in-person time with our friends and family? Or could they be another pathway to intimacy?

Audience Advisory:
 Contains strong language and brief discussion of suicide. Includes some haze.
Age Recommendation: 13+

Nicole Clark is Having a Baby

Wednesday, March 25th 7:30 pm

In the Bingham Theatre

Run Time: TBD

Nicole is smart, successful, married to a hot guy—and unapologetically fat. But her formerly fat, now obsessively thin mom, Helen, fixates on Nicole’s weight. When Nicole visits her hometown for her best friend’s baby shower and reveals that she’s also pregnant, mom and daughter are forced to confront how Helen’s difficulty accepting Nicole’s body—and her own—has shaped their relationship. A deeply felt, irreverent comedy about motherhood, fatphobia, and the emotional legacy we pass on to our children.

Audience Advisory:
 Strong language, disordered eating behaviors and fatphobia.
Age Recommendation: 14+

Where the Mountain Meets the Sea

Saturday, March 14th   2 pm or 7 pm

In the Victor Jory Theatre

Run Time: TBD

Setting off from Miami, a Haitian immigrant named Jean takes a once-in-a-lifetime road trip out west. Decades later, his son Jonah heads east, following Jean’s route in reverse—and discovering he’s inherited his father’s love of Appalachian folk music. Separated by time, yet side by side, the two men trace their journeys and the complicated bond they share. With lyrical storytelling and live music, this play vividly imagines how a father and son who longed to connect might come to see each other at last.

Audience Advisory:
Strong language and discussion of death, homophobia, racism, sex and xenophobia
Age Recommendation: 14+


Saturday, April 4 2:30 pm

In the Bingham Theatre

Run Time: TBD

It’s 1997 and the WNBA is changing the game. Every player on Plainnole’s Lady Train basketball team now dreams of going pro—but first, they’ll have to navigate the pressures of being young, black and female in rural Arkansas. Will their fouls off the court tear their team apart? Or can they keep their pact to stick together through hell or high water? With all the adrenaline and swagger of a four-quarter game, Candrice Jones’s powerful new play celebrates the fierce athleticism of women’s basketball.

Audience Advisory:
Strong language and discussion of sex, abortion and sexual abuse.
Age Recommendation: 14+


Sunday, April 12th  7:30pm

In the Pamela Brown Auditorium

Run Time: TBD

Every plate holds a story in this celebration of a family’s long history with African-American cooking—inventing recipes to survive hard times, to keep memory alive, and to gather together with love. Created by acclaimed composer Nolan Williams, Jr., whose vast musical palette ranges from rousing symphonic works to jazz and from gospel to musical theatre, Grace unfolds entirely through gorgeous original songs. A soaring tribute to the dishes that carry a complex legacy, infused with a warm spirit of community.

Age Recommendation: 10+

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