Keeping busy…

That’s what we do we do here at Creative Diversity Art Studio & Gallery!


Just a small glimpse of Hoffert’s rare and valued monster comic books.

The month of October has been a busy one for our studio and its artists. October started out with participation in the St. James Art Fair, and even with the rain, many artists and their families came out to see their best work on display.

Recent fundraising activities have included Joe Hoffert’s Monster Museum and Bart Galloway’s stupendously creative puppet show. Joe Hoffert, known as “Mr. Monster,” exhibited his collection of monster themed games, model kits and recordings that covered a large span of myth, movies, literature, horror and science fiction. The event ran from October 25th- 31th.

Bart Galloway, a fantastic local artist, led an interactive workshop for puppet making, that got many studio artists involved.  Studio Artist Roger commented on his experience, “I hope to do more puppets in the future!.” As well as Billy stating, “ It was just great and Bart was great!” Bart’s use of his artistic and creativity skills provide a very therapeutic and fun atmosphere for everyone at the studio.


Mike Donnelly showing off his Sissy Spacek masterpiece!


Artist Billy Cogswell and asst. studio director Angela DeFebbo hugging!

Everyday at the studio is an opportunity for growth, not only for their artistic abilities but also within themselves.  No matter what we are doing every activity is full of creativity and empowerment!

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