On Tuesday I was part of a wonderful gathering at our Kentucky state capitol. The event felt a bit more like a family reunion than your typical government “command performance”. The occasion was a celebration – Arts Day – sponsored by the Kentucky Arts Council. And, in a funny way…it was great!

 The Kentucky Arts Council is more of a boutique state government office than your large, amorphous state department of finance or beverage control. The Kentucky Arts Council supports great efforts that bring our Arts into our hometowns across Kentucky. And, while this state budget is teeny compared to the government juggernauts – the program is important. For example, the support the Fund for the Arts receives helps – in part – support the coordination of our EVERY CHILD Arts Education Initiative in our own schools.

All this is to say, it felt good to see up-close and personal the kind of good things we can support state-wide. Hey! The Kentucky Arts Council even unveiled an Arts license plate that gives each of us a chance to display our pride in our rich cultural Kentucky tradition. You can click here to reserve your plate today.

Finally, I was looking at the weeks ahead and what’s going in our Arts and I want to again remind you to go to the Louisville Ballet’s presentation of Coppélia on March 4 and March 5. Click here for tickets! The other “big deal” event is the Broadway Series presentation of Les Miserables from March 8-13 and brand-new and coming in June – Shrek:  The Musical!. Click here and get your tickets now.

 How wonderful it is to have great Arts that define our great city. Heck, sounds like a familiar refrain: Together through the arts we create a great American city! Click here and make your gift today or wait ’til we visit your workplace!

 Happy trails, Spring is around the corner!

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