Heuser Hearing Xmas 2015Arts for Kosair Kids® in partnership with the Fund for the Arts and Kosair Charities®, is a transformative initiative promoting the therapeutic and healing power of the Arts. The Heuser Hearing and Language Academy is one of six organizations benefiting from weekly Arts residencies. Home to preschool and kindergarten classes for students with language, speech or processing disorder or delay, the academy serves an average of 150 students a year in our community and uses a diverse curriculum with daily Art, music and dance therapy to encourage creative expression and improve development skills.

Heuser Hearing and Language Academy’s Arts for Kosair Kids® unique residency is with the Louisville Ballet. The collaborative dance/movement therapy gives children the opportunity to experiment with motion and sound. Sessions start with stretching the body, lead into a choreographed dance routine and end with upbeat movement activities. By engaging with physical expression, this dance/ movement therapy furthers coordination, motor and balance skills. As an interactive activity outside the traditional classroom it is no surprise student engagement is heightened. Energy is contagious in these sessions; learning is happening and the children, aware or not, are championing social skills.

Tawny Thompson from the Louisville Ballet brings the Ballet to students in myriad ways, from bringing in costumes from the current production of “The Brown-Forman Nutcracker” to making them feel as if they are part of the actual production. Heuser students have the opportunity to see a condensed version of the ballet and learn how the Arts play a crucial role in our cultural identity. The children’s work is showcased during two productions for family and friends, with Santa Claus, the Snow Fairy Princess and elves from the Galt House making special appearances.

Fund for the Arts is grateful to Kosair Charities® who believe in creating better tomorrows by protecting the health and well-being of children in our community.

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