Is too much of a good thing a bad thing? Not in my book! I’ve had a CRAZY GOOD week! Last Saturday just when Lacey thought we were going to get a night off and stay home, I looked at my watch and said, “Oh my gosh – the Louisville Orchestra’s season finale is tonight. Let’s go! It was 7:15pm and the concert started at 8:00pm. Up we jumped. Out came the glitz and glam and away we went.

We arrived at the Brown Theatre to find excitement in the air. Susan came up to me waving her arms and saying something about getting her five, she used to have ten, and she was thrilled! I assumed she was talking about children and looked around to see where they were. It turned out she was referring to the five season subscriptions she just purchased and how much fun it was going to be bringing friends with her next year. That’s commitment! Thank you, Susan.

Sunday rolled around and after reading the papers we kicked back for about two minutes. That’s right! I looked at my watch and said, “Oh my gosh! Walden Theatre is performing Othello at Actors Theatre. Let’s go!” We bolted into Actors just in time to snap great photos of Charlie Sexton and Jordan Brown before the performance. See photos in the link below.

The Campaign Trail has been too much fun all week. Ibn Green, Cicily and Sharlie are doing a great job raising money for the Arts at MSD. I hooked up with them at the Central Maintenance Facility and at Morris Foreman Waste Treatment. Amazing folks work at MSD and we thank you for all you do – everyday! I flew into the branch manager meeting at Commonwealth Bank & Trust just in time to get more great pictures. I love taking shots of folks holding their favorite Fund for the Arts’ coffee mugs! Wait ‘till you see the picture I took in the Mayors’ teeny tiny kitchen where they make coffee. Arts mugs abound!

The point is – watch out when Barbara’s in the building. You’ll most likely find me rummaging through your break room cabinet looking for mug shots. I love this job! Great people everywhere I go!

As the week rolled on I swung by the Metro Louisville HR department and showed up at the Air Pollution Control District with Kaymon Murrah in tow. WOW! Were they ever surprised when he stood up and sang Be My Love a cappella! I met Kaymon many years ago when he joined the West Louisville Boys Choir. He’s now a junior at University of Kentucky on full scholarship in the Opera program and working in our office this summer. I’ve been telling you for years, when you give to the Fund great things happen. Go Kaymon Go!

Your gift keeps on giving long after you stop thinking about it. Remember the story I told about the child who took three bus transfers just to get from the west end to the east end for her ballet lessons -for years? Well, I received a message this week saying Aqura Lacey has been accepted into Company II at Alvin Ailey in New York City. She’ll tour with the company this summer in Finland and France. You made that possible. Thank you!

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Remember, 2gether through the Arts we create a great American city!

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