Sustaining Impact Grants Purpose

Sustaining Impact Grants provide mission-based operating support to charitable arts organizations whose programming supports the priorities of Imagine Greater Louisville 2020 in order to ensure the organization’s ongoing capacity to drive community impact.

Sustaining Impact Grants are designed to provide foundational operating support for established charitable arts organizations with a proven capacity to steward the financial investment of the Fund for the Arts and its nearly 20,000 donors. Sustaining Impact Grants are meant to provide the critical support charitable arts organizations need to deliver their mission and community impact.

Sustaining Impact Grants seek to fund a proportionate share of the revenue budget of qualifying charitable arts organizations that demonstrate evidence of significant levels of community support through earned and contributed revenue.

How to Submit your Application

Organizations determined to be eligible to apply for Sustaining Impact Grants may now submit their full application for consideration. Applicants should review the Sustaining Impact Grant Guidelines prior to completing the full application.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Fund for the Arts well in advance of the application deadline to discuss any questions they may have.

Grant Guidelines Grant Glossary

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Deadline to Submit

Full applications are due to Fund for the Arts by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. All information must be submitted by the deadline.


Please contact Kat Abner, Vice President of Community Impact, at (502) 582-0127 or