At Fund for the Arts, we believe in the transformative power of the arts. By investing in strategic initiatives that drive impact in the areas of health, education, economic development, and quality of place, Fund for the Arts is working to improve the quality of life for all.

Participating in the arts can improve an individual’s overall health and wellness. When it comes to improving oral health, the arts can play a role. Two key determinants of health are a lack of oral health information and an individual’s level of education. The Delta Dental Making Smiles Happen® Arts in Education Initiative addresses both of these determinants by reaching thousands of students across the Commonwealth, increasing access to the arts and oral health education.

The arts are a critical component of the overall education experience, enhancing student academic achievement and development. Research shows that a student involved in the arts is four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, and students with high arts participation and low socioeconomic status have a 4% high school dropout rate – five times lower than that of their low-socioeconomic peers not involved in the arts. Each of the programs offered through the initiative is connected to the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Common Core State Standards and are led by a professional arts educator

Students and teachers participating in the initiative are provided with free toothbrushes and information on oral health care. To learn more about oral health care and access free resources, visit Delta Dental of Kentucky’s Wellness site.

The Delta Dental Making Smiles Happen® Arts in Education Initiative is made possible by Delta Dental of Kentucky.

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2015-2016 Impact

  • The Delta Dental Making Smiles Happen® Arts expands Teacher Arts Grants to other regions of the state.
  • 17,559 arts experiences
  • 74 schools in Jefferson County and southeastern Kentucky
  • 23 Kentucky counties
  • More than 90% of teachers agree that TAG helps students to
    • Master academic standards
    • Think critically and solve complex problems
    • Develop creativity skills
    • Communicate more effectively


Delta Dental Making Smiles Happen® Arts in Education Initiative Program Brochures

How to Apply

Funding is available for the expansion or enhancement of classroom instruction with field trips or in-school performances, workshops, and residencies across all arts disciplines: dance, theatre, music, and visual arts.

To submit an application for the Delta Dental Making Smiles Happen® Arts in Education Initiative, follow these steps:

  1. Read the Program Guidelines.
  2. Review the Delta Dental Making Smiles Happen® Arts in Education Initiative Program Brochures. These brochures include detailed descriptions of each of the programs available for funding.
  3. Discuss with your principal, ILT/SBDM, and other teachers in your school how the programs listed in the Education Brochures can enhance what students are already learning in the classroom.
  4. Complete the Funding Request Form for each program that your school would like to request. 
  5. Complete the School Profile. Your school will submit this form only once.

All applications must be submitted via the Fund for the Arts website. Please note that the online application form does not allow you to save your work. We recommend that you complete your responses in a Word document and then copy and paste them into the online application.

Grant Reporting Requirements

Grantees will submit two reports and thank you notes:

  1. Program Schedule. Using the Program Schedule form, grantees will report to Fund for the Arts the dates and times that all programs funded through this initiative will occur.
  2. Impact Report. Within 30 day of the completion of each program, grantees will submit an Impact Report.
  3. Grantees will also be asked to submit thank you notes and/or illustrations created by their students written to Delta Dental of Kentucky.