Official Rules 2018

  • Pass Valid:  June 1 – August 11, 2018
  • Participants must have or be eligible for a card from Louisville Free Public Library, Jeffersonville Township Library, New Albany-Floyd County Public Library, or Bullitt County Public Library.
  • Each youth (ages 0-21) is eligible for one pass.
  • The Cultural Pass is valid for one-time general admission at each of the participating institutions.  No special exhibits or concessions are included with the Cultural Pass.
  • Only one adult will receive free entry per visit when they accompany a youth under 16.
  • Only one adult will receive free entry per family regardless of the number of passes.
  • All rules and regulations for specific sites must be followed to gain entry.  Please note special restrictions for some participating organizations are printed on the Cultural Pass.
  • Organizations reserve the right to deny entry if rules and restrictions of the Cultural Pass are not followed.
  • The Cultural Pass is intended for family use.  As such, it is not valid for group visits.
  • The Cultural Pass is not valid with other institution offers.

What we ask of participating venues:

  • If you are a paid venue, provide at least one day per week that you can offer free admission to Cultural Pass holders
  • If you are a free venue, provide the days/times that you want to encourage Cultural Pass holders
  • If you are offering a special event, provide the days times for Cultural Pass holders
  • Log all Cultural Pass visits to your site and turn them in every 3 weeks to the project manager
  • Promote the Cultural Pass and Summer Leading Program through your communications, i.e. in your venue, on your website and through social media
  • Considering creating a Learning Track on Beanstack
  • Consider contributing a season pass, tickets or other prize for a drawing from among the pass holders that visit the most venues
  • Submit the attached Interest Form and provide all relevant information – days, times, restrictions plus logo by February 9.

What is provided to participating venues:

  • Financial reimbursement on a sliding scale proportionate to total admissions at your venue.  Each visit will be reimbursed at a target of $6.50. For venues with an average ticket price above $6.50, then your reimbursement target will be your average ticket price.
    • In June, a first payment will be provided based upon the number of Cultural Pass visits to the venue in summer 2017:
      • Up to 500 visits in 2017 or new organizations, June payment = $500
      • 500 to 1000 visits in 2017, June payment = $2500
      • 1000+ visits in 2017, June payment = $5000
    • The second payment will be made in September based upon your total visits * applicable ticket price – June payment, up to a maximum of $25,000 for any organization.
  • Please note, the target ticket price is budgeted based upon the 2017 total number of visits.  If the total number of visits should increase then the target ticket price per venue would need to be decreased, as total payments cannot exceed total funding available.
  • Promotion of the Cultural Pass by Louisville Metro and Fund for the Arts
  • Quarterly opportunity to promote your family-friendly programming in an email to all Cultural Pass registered families from the Library
  • Report of attendees to your venue during summer 2018 – total and by zip code
  • Summer-end report of the success of the 2018 Cultural Pass for all stakeholders