NeXt Program: 501c3 Arts Project Request (2019)

The NeXt program offers hands-on engagement from young professionals and arts organizations through the incorporation of group projects. Projects will span an array of areas, but will most often fall into the categories of: collaborative initiatives, audience development, event management, program implementation, business operations, marketing and communications, and philanthropy.

NeXt projects are not a competition; rather, young professionals and arts organizations alike seek to better our arts and cultural community – creating leaders in service of the arts and ambassadors for life!

Project Parameters:

• Organizations must be a 501c3

• Submissions due by June 29, 2018

• 10-month or less completion time table

• Be an arts or cultural-related project

• Require hands on team engagement
If you have any questions please contact Morgan Eklund at
  • Please identify a contact person within your organization who will be available to meet and communicate with the project team and has the ability to make decisions relating to the project.
  • If the main contact is not the primary decision maker, please list that person above.

  • Please describe in detail any plans and vision of the completed project.
  • Please note that NeXt ambsasadors work between September and June. For projects that have the deadline of a specific date/event before May are not always successful because groups have less time to work on the project.