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Here’s a photo of the Board Room at the Fund. ¬†What are we doing, you ask?

Once a month, at a Staff Luncheon, we sit down to learn something. It can be computer information, tips on a better presentation, or, in this case, a more light-hearted session:

The Fund employees are learning to knit! Our Guest Relations Manager, Lynn Martin of Shelbyville, is an accomplished knitter and crochet-er, and volunteered to teach the rest of us.

To make it more interesting, we’re learning as we make scarves for the Special Olympics athletes! The organization posts instructions and colors online; there are four different designs, two knitted and two crocheted. Lynn donated the yarn, needles and hooks, and spent a busy hour getting all of us on board.

Knitting in particular has become such a big hobby across the country, and we’re all so appreciative of Lynn’s help and expertise. Two employees are working on new, personal projects already.

BTW, the Fund already has five completed Special Olympics scarves to mail out next week. We’re all so proud! ¬†Visit the Special Olympics for more information on the Scarf Project.

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Knitting for the Special Olympics!
Knitting for the Special Olympics!

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