Fran Huettig Public Art Series

Fund for the Arts, 1619 Flux Art + Activism, and New Directions Housing Corporation, in conjunction with Louisville Metro Government’s Commission on Public Art (COPA), invite artists, artist collectives, and nonprofit arts organizations to submit their interest and qualifications to develop and implement a community-engaged public art project in Louisville’s Chickasaw, California, and Parkhill neighborhoods.

This Request for Qualifications is for the third of five public art projects to be commissioned by the Fran Huettig Public Art Series. The commission is for a long-term project, sited for five or more years.

What is the Fran Huettig Public Art Series?

The Fran Huettig Public Art Series is a partnership between Fund for the Arts and 1619 Flux Art + Activism. The project series is funded by the Fund for the Arts and Barbara and Kara Nichols of 1619 Flux, in memory of the late Fran Huettig, a supporter of public art and long-time employee of Fund for the Arts.

The Fran Huettig Public Art Series seeks to support public art projects that:

  • Work in collaboration with community members to capture and develop a visual expression referencing the past, present and future of a neighborhood.
  • Invite dialogue and interaction in a public space.
  • Appeal to a broad audience.

Who may submit?

Artists, artist collectives, and arts organizations that have been designated as 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service meeting the criteria below are eligible to submit qualifications for consideration.

  • Applicants who are professional artists.
  • Applicants working in visual art, site-specific interventions, interactive, sound, and digital media.
  • Applicants who live in Greater Louisville, which is defined as Washington, Scott, Clark, Harrison, and Floyd counties in Indiana; and Jefferson, Oldham, Trimble, Henry, Shelby, Spencer, and Bullitt counties in Kentucky.

Applicants who are new to the field of public art and/or have experience interacting with the community are encouraged to apply.

Funding Available

The total budget for the project is $20,000.


Site Information

Installation sites are limited to specific New Directions Housing Corporation properties in Louisville’s Chickasaw, California, and Parkhill neighborhoods.


Site A:

1435 S. 22nd Street

Louisville, KY 40210

Site B:

4540 W. Broadway

Louisville, KY 40211

Site C:

1023 Dr. W.J. Hodge Street

Louisville, KY 40210

Submitting your Qualifications and Interest

Applicants will first submit their interest and qualifications to develop a project. Submissions will be reviewed by the Selection Panel, which is comprised of local arts professionals, community members, and representatives from Fund for the Arts, 1619 Flux Art + Activism, Louisville Metro Government, and COPA.

In your interest and qualification submission, applicants should be prepared to address the following:

  • Description of your interest in the project, how you would approach the project, what preliminary ideas you would like to explore, and confirming your availability to meet the project timeline.
  • Description of how and to what extent you will involve community members in project development and implementation.
  • A CV/resume, not exceeding two pages. For artist teams, each team member must submit an individual resume or CV.
  • The names, titles, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of 3 to 5 references that we may contact to confirm your previous experience.
  • Up to 15 jpeg images (at least 300 dpi) and/or up to 3 video samples (no more than 3 minutes in length each) documenting previous work. Please provide YouTube links to online videos. Digital video files will not be accepted.
  • A corresponding image/video list with title, medium, dimensions, brief description, location, date of work, commissioning entity and budget.

Qualifications and Interest Review Criteria

The Selection Panel will review the interest and qualifications submissions using the following criteria:

  • Artistic Excellence: Does the quality of previous work submitted demonstrate compatibility with the project series?
  • Project Goals: Does the previous work submitted demonstrate an ability to create artwork that responds to the goals of the project?
  • Approach: Does the applicant clearly articulate their ideas and understanding of the project? Are the ideas they are interested in exploring compelling and relevant?
  • Experience: Does the applicant have the proven experience to execute the project?

Qualifications and Interest Submission Deadline

All interest and qualifications submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST, January 21, 2019.

Selection of Semi-Finalists and Finalists

From the interest and qualification submissions, the Selection Panel will identify up to three Semi-Finalist artists or artist teams to interview with the Selection Panel. Artists or artist teams not selected as Semi-Finalists will be notified by email.

After interviewing the Semi-Finalists, the Selection Panel will select a Finalist artist or artist team. Semi-Finalist artists or artist teams not selected as a Finalist will be notified by email.

The Finalist artist or artist team will submit a project concept and budget that:

  • Clearly illustrate which site(s) the project will address and how the community was involved in the concept development and will be involved in project implementation.
  • Includes all costs of creating the artwork, including but not limited to artist fees, travel, design, insurance, engineering, fabrication, site-work, shipping, installation costs, community engagement expenses, and artwork maintenance for at least five years.

Please note that prior to submitting the concept, the Finalist artist or artist team will visit the selected site(s) with the Selection Panel as well as connect with the community. 1619 Flux and the Fund for the Arts can help facilitate community connections to support the Finalist artist or artist team in its community engagement efforts.


Finalist Commission Payment

The Finalist artist or artist team will sign a phased contract. Phase I will include the development and submission of the concept, for which the Finalist artist or artist team will receive 10% of the total commission. Once the concept is approved, Phase II will include project development and implementation. At that time, a payment plan will be developed with the Finalist artist or artist team in alignment with the project budget and timeline.



The anticipated timeline for this call is below. Please note that dates are submitted to change.


October 14, 2018


Call for Qualifications released
January 21, 2019, 11:59 p.m. E.S.T.


Qualification and interest submission deadline
By March 10, 2019 Semi-Finalists are selected and invited to interview with the Selection Panel


March 2019 Semi-Finalists interview with the Selection Panel


By March 31, 2019 Finalist is selected and invited to submit concept paper


By May 31, 2019 Finalist presents concept to the Selection Panel for review


By December 31, 2019


Installation and unveiling of art work



Additional Questions

Please email with additional questions.


Download Submission Guidelines Click here to start your submission Click here to continue working on your saved submission