Community Music Partnership

The Community Music Partnership is a joint effort of the Louisville Metro Council and the Louisville Federation of Musicians (11-637) to provide musical support to events sponsored by not-for-profits, such as neighborhood organizations, block-watch clubs, council-sponsored vents and senior citizen clubs, in Louisville Metro Districts. The Fund for the Arts is helping to promote this incredible opportunity to increase access to the arts in Louisville Metro.

Musical support provided by the Community Music Partnership may not be used in support of political activities, religious activities, fundraising efforts (although fundraising as a separate part of an event is not prohibited) or for the benefit of daycares, or public or private or parochial schools.

The Community Music Partnership was created in 1986 to provide free live musical entertainment to enhance the quality of public community events. All requests submitted will go to the Louisville Federation of Musicians (which will help facilitate scheduling with a participating band) and then to your organization’s Metro Council person for their consideration. If approved, the Council person will forward the request to a designated Metro employee who then completes a standard approval form and faxes, mails, or emails it to the Louisville Federation of Musicians. Louisville Federation of Musicians furnishes a payroll sheet to the bandleader with schedule, location and contact information and any special instructions regarding parking and set-up.

To apply, requesting organizations attach a letter to this completed form stating the nature of the event, that is free and open to the public, that the requesting organization is not-for-profit, and how Louisville Metro will receive recognition as a sponsor of the musical support.

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Deadline to Submit your Request

All performances must occur before June 30, 2020. Please submit your request at least 3 weeks in advance of your event.