Louisville Bright Spots

Louisville Bright Spots can be found on Facebook. It is a public group.

Louisville Bright Spots is an online arts exchange for all Louisvillian’s to stay connected and creative. Creatives are invited to upload a song, a video, a poem, pictures of your visual art, start a watch party! Let’s create bright spots together even though we may be apart! We urge you to follow the page to see new content added daily!


Prelude in D-flat Major, op. 11, no. 15 – Alexander Scriabin

Posted by Adrienne Fontenot on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Take a Virtual Ballet Class with 6 Ballet Pros!

Jamming on my guitar in my construction zone #tipswelcome

Tips appreciated: Venmo & Paypal are @BrigidKaelin If you're already a Patreon member then don't you dare go tipping me Taking requests 🙂 kids' music or adults’ music but not "adult" music if you know what i mean.I need to play music or i'll go bonkers and all my gigs were canceled. I also crave interaction and laughs.for ongoing fun and exclusive posts: www.patreon.com/brigidkaelin

Posted by Brigid Kaelin on Monday, March 16, 2020